Gather Art & Basketball together, that was the ambition of Trajectoire Studio by organizing this exhibition.

More than 30 artists were reunited in an old garage of 5000m2 in the center of Paris, to show their own vision about the legendary sport : the speed, the trajectory, the rules, the strength etc…

Among them, two of our artists Michael Renassia and Fantasista Utamaro lend themselves to the exercise and proposed their singular vision throughout pop installations.

Tribune_d : the collaboration between Le Diamantaire & Michael explored a video collage dimension, emphasized by a rectangular mirror structure for an immersive experience. An abstract digital piece that honored icons of the Basketball mixed to famous movies scenes from the 90’s.

Jamspace : in a game of repetitive shifted pattern, Utamaro pays tribute to two legends of American pop culture; one from the Basketball and the other from the cartoon, brought together on the playground of a famous movie in 1996.

Organise : Sato Creative
Artist o Tribune_d : Michael Renassia
Artist of Jamspace : Fantasista Utamaro

Tribune_d : Michael Renassia
Jamspace : Fantasista Utamaro